FAQs & Distributors

FAQs & Distributors

Official Worldwide Distributors

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USA – Golf Training Aids .com


Ireland – Mark Heinemann


Canada – Nathan Leonhardt 



Sunshine Plus Golf Stores


South Africa – Stafford Harding


Australia – Performance Brands


Finland – Samuli Kotimaki


Frequently asked questions...

This is going to depend on a few different things; player height, length of club used and type of drill being used.. We have covered the angle setups in our Members Video Library (which you can access once purchased) in more detail. However, a “standard” lie angle for a 7 iron is 62 degrees. Longer irons will be more around 60 and shorter irons around 64 degrees.

Guidance-for-Setting-the-Angle-of-the-Alignment-Stick (PDF)

There is an option to have official Swing Plate alignment sticks included with your Swing Plate, or if you already own a pair of alignment sticks you can purchase the base unit on its own


Yes. We have upgraded The Swing Plate so it is compatible for both RH and LH golfers


No tools are required. However, If you want to lock the angle in a permanent position, you can use the wrench included to tighten the bolt.


Due to the nature of the product we do not accept returns on used items. If there is a fault we will replace and pay the shipping. All Swing Plate Products are warrantied against all manufacturer defects for up to 30 days. You must report any issues within this timeframe. If there is not a fault with the item, and you the customer wishes to receive a refund (within 30 days of purchase) the return shipping cost is to be paid for by the customer

It is made of high quality CR Steel and will not fall over. It is sturdy and strong. However when using with the Extension Pole fully extended up to 2m there is a degree at which it will tip over because of gravity. But this will not affect how the extension pole will be used by the player


Yes. It is portable and small enough to fit in a golf bag pocket and comes with a handy velvet bag


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