SwingPlate Putting Gate

SwingPlate Putting Gate


Developed alongside The Putting & Short Game Coach – Andy Gorman.. Your ideal practice tool for holing more Putts!

The Putting Gate will improve your ability and consistency to start the ball on the line you Intend.

Features and Compatibility:

  • Appropriate for all levels of golfer with a 55mm Gate and 50mm Gate
  • Works with any of The Swing Plate Base Units – Std / Dual Pro
  • Appropriate for Right & Left Handed Golfers
  • Compatible with standard types of alignment sticks & SwingPlate® Official Sticks
  • Works on any surface
  • Fits in your golf bag
  • Hole-Width Indicator Slots have been made to recreate the width of golf hole  – 4.25 inches


  • Give you instant feedback on your ability to start the ball on your intended line
  • Improve your Setup Consistency and Eye Position
  • Improve your Putter Face Alignment at Address and Impact
  • Work on your desired Stroke Arc with the help of the great visual of the Alignment Stick over the ball

Training Instructions and Golf Ball Placement

From 10 ft, 1 degree of error would line up on the edge of the hole. At 20ft, 0.5 degree of error would also be lined up to the edge of the hole.

That being said.. on a straight 10-foot putt you need to develop accuracy of less than 1 degree of error in your starting line to stand a chance of holing the putt.

50mm gap from 17 inches requires less than 0.5 degree of error 
50mm gap from 11 inches requires less than 0.75 degree of error

55mm gap from 14 inches requires less than 1 degree of error
55mm gap from 19 inches requires less than 0.75 degree of error

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